Types of Roofing Material

Until a few years ago, beams and tables were made with Angle Iron and L Angle. The latter was c. As the channel / L angle. The roofing market is favored with light materials that do not overburden the building. People are more interested in trusses than roof tiles and coating materials. Natural roof cooling methods are also popular.

Users are most concerned with tiles that are placed above the roof. Clay tile, ceramic tile, shingles, and concrete tile are available for the choice of roofing materials. Choose roofing tiles with an emphasis on cooling and cooling the building

Clay tile

Clay tile is one of the most sought after roofing materials today. It is available in many shapes and sizes. The models come in a single path and double path. Double pallets have double grooves, so they have good firmness when attached to the roof. Single path tiles are cheaper than double path tiles. Clay roofing tiles are now available in many colors. There are also models that can be painted

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are ideal for those who are not interested in clay roofing. Most of the requirements are for lightweight tiles. They are longer and wider than clay roofing tiles. It is available in a variety of colors and designs. They are also less expensive to repair.


Shingles are made from a combination of asphalt material and fiber. Suitable for homes in urban areas. The main attraction is underweight. Available in many colors and designs. Shingles, which were formerly found abroad, are now common in Kerala too. Shingles can only be spread on an oblique roof. Shingles spread over the roof with nails. When the heat hits, the sticking component of the shingles is fastened to the melted roof. Shingles will become part of the roof. It effectively prevents UV rays.

Concrete tiles

Maintenance is the least expensive roofing material. But many people put them out of step because they are too heavy. But there is no other way to beat them. Concrete tiles are also strong enough to withstand climate change. These are designed to provide the best style and finish.

The Climatic Control Sheet

The Climatic Control Sheet is a thin sheet that extends to the bottom of the roof or the metal sheet. The main purpose is to combat the heat. Made of materials such as polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Cool home

With each passing year, the intensity of the heat is increasing. The main reason behind this is climate change. Fans and AC are constantly working in homes. Today's generation is looking for ways to keep the home cool naturally without going after such modern conveniences. A cool home is a great place for those who are thinking like this. After the concrete is roofed, a cool home will be built on top of it. On the roof, an iron nest will be built and the shingles will be pasted on it. This will help control the space between the concrete slab and the roof. In addition to this concept, there is also the practice of falling ceiling with a gypsum board instead of a concrete slab.

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